Melbourne to Gold Coast return

Where are your favourite MX5 roads in the State that you live?

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Melbourne to Gold Coast return

Postby a30guy » Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:35 am

My wife and I are planning a trip in the MX5 to the Gold Coast in July.
We'll have three days travel time on the way up and four on the way back, so I'm looking for some interesting roads to explore, rather than the Hume/Pacific or the New England highways.
I guess for her comfort it doesn't have to be all twisty, so a mix of highway and fun is ok.
I've made a note of the road's in ManiacLachy's thread.
One road that is on my list on the way up is the Waterfall Way through Dorrigo. On the way back I'd like to travel the Sea Cliff Bridge route, maybe as far as Bateman's Bay and then through to Canberra. How practical is travelling through the Snowy Mountains from Canberra to Albury via Thredbo at that time of year - is it likely to be too slippery for an MX?

I'd welcome any suggestions to help us plan the route.
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Re: Melbourne to Gold Coast return

Postby RBH58 » Sun Mar 26, 2017 2:30 pm

The Hume is a boring as batshit, and they've lowered (stupidly) the former 110kph limits to 100kph, just to make it even more soporificly boring and dangerous. It's now line ball between taking the coast road and taking the Hume where the Hume used to be a couple of hours faster. Honestly, I'd fly...but if you must drive, go the coast. At least there is more to look at.
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